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16-17 'Early Recordings' (Savage Land) 2xCD 9€
2k 'Fuck the Millenium' (Blast First) CD EP 9€
A Million Mercies 'Elektrizität' (Hausmusik) LP 4€
Abbott, Dwight Edgar 'I cried you didn’t listen' (Feral House) book 11€
Abwärts 'Nuprop' (Weird System) CD 6€
Act 'XL' (Amanita) CD 4€
Addie Brik 'Loved Hungry' (Breakin' Beats) CD 6€
Adverse Effect 'Vol 2 - n°5' (4th Dimension) mag 2€
Adverse Effect 'Vol3 - #1' (Adverse effect) Mag + CD 4€
AE 'Bootleg' (Sonig) CD 7€
AE 'Love your smile' (Fresh Air) CD 7€
AGALLOCH 'Ashes Against The Grain' (End records) CD 7€
AGF 'Language Is The Most' (Quecksilber) CD 13€
Akauzazte 'bera 2005-03-29' (Compania de suenos ilimitada) CD-R 8€
Akiyama Tetuzi 'Pre-existence' (Locust) CD 10€
All is Suffering 'the past: vindicative sadisms of petty bureaucrats' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Amir Baghiri 'Autumn' (Arya) CD 6€
Amir Baghiri 'Rooms' (Arya) 3xCD 12€
Amp Studio 'Unconcious Country' (4th Dimension) CD 8€
Anderson, Ron 'Pac small r 1/2 inch' (Rastascan) CD 10€
Antarctica '81:03' (File 13) 2xCD 12€
Arabrot 'Adding D to Anger' (Safe as Milk) 7" 3€
Arabrot 'Proposing A Pact With Jesus' (Norway Rat Records) CD 5€
Archbishop Kebab '' (zorlac) CD 4€
Argument 'self titled' (Kythibong) CD 3€
aspic 'astro sound picture and infinite cloud' (aspic) 10” 5€
Attitude Robots 'iron t-shirt' (Megaphone) CD 3€
Attitude Robots 'self titled' (Megaphone) CD 3€
Ax 'Ax II' (Freek) 12” 7€
Bachi da Pietra 'Tornare nella terra' (Wallace) CD 5€
Badar Ali Khan 'Lost in Qawwali III' (Birdman) CD 11€
Balanceman 'Well balanced meal' (Deluxe) CD 4€
Bass Tone Trap 'Tapping' (Music a la coque) CD 8€
Bassholes 'Blue Roots' (Revenant) CD 12€
Batagov, Anton 'Music for Piano' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Beautiful Skin 'Everything, all this, and more' (GSL) CD 8€
Beige 'I don't either' (Leaf) CD 5€
Below the sound 'more like a gun shot than a car wreck' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Beneath The Autum Sky 'Enki-du's Mono' (Hefty) CDEP 8€
Bennett, Samm 'Samm Bennett's history of the last five minutes' (Knitting Factory) CD 8€
Berndt, John 'the montreal concert' (Stereosupremo) CD 7€
BLACK EYES 'Cough' (Dischord) CD 10€
Blind Alley 'The Ruby Kennel Club ' (Freek) CD 7€
Blond 'self titled' (Payola) CD 9€
Blowfly 'Fahrenheit 69' (Alternative Tentacles) CD 7€
Body Bag Romance, the 'Gincrusher: hymns of shit and glory' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Body Lovers - Body Haters 'self titled' (Young God) 2xCD 18€
Boghossian, Hervé 'rvb' (List) CD 11€
Borgmann, Morris, Charles 'Organic' (Lotus Sound) CD 10€
Borthwick, Mark + Holland, Trevor 'Helene' (Temporary Residence ) CD 9€
Bosch s with you 'defamilarisation' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Bottenvogel 'self titled' (Trost) CD EP 7€
Brief, Der 'Volum' (Jazzassin) CD 9€
Brik, Addie 'My little pony ride' (Lo Recordings) 12" 6€
Britton, David 'Motherfuckers: Auschwitz of oz' (Savoy) book 15€
Bucolic 'Dzyan Blood' (Bsi Records) CD 10€
BUG 'Pressure' (Tigerbeat 6) CD 11€
BURMESE / FISTULA 'Split ' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Burning Sofa # 10, The 'Great west life' (Krown Pocket) CD 9€
Camarada 'New perspectives on Autum' (Acs) CD 7€
Can Openers 'self titled' (Megaphone) CD 8€
Can Openers 'Sherbet' (Megaphone) CD 8€
Chamberlain, Matt 'self-titled' (Web of Mimicry) CD 12€
Chemical Plant 'Caveat Emptor' (Dor) CD 10€
Chemical Plant 'Stored' (Dor) 12" 7€
Chemical Plant 'The Cold Store Tapes' (Dor) CD 10€
Chemical Plant 'World is bankrupt' (Dor) 12" 7€
Chemical Plant 'World is bankrupt' (Dor) CD EP 8€
Chessie + Computer Soup 'split 10 n°5' (Plug Research) 10" 6€
Clay Figure 'Human Evolution' (Musically Incorrect) CDR 8€
Club Off Chaos 'The Change Of The Century' (Fuenfundvierzig) CD 13€
Cm Ensemble 'Love Central' (Metonymic) CD 9€
Coleman 'Domestic Landscapes vol1' (Nail Records) 12" 8€
Colongib + Graves, Christopher 'Special Rumble' (Kracfive Records) CD 9€
Colongib 'Mapping Music' (Kracfive Records) CD 9€
Corduroy 'I’ll get around to it' (Little Brother) 7" 2€
Cortex 'Noise Mountain' (Dor) 12" 7€
Coulier 'cool, cooler, Coulier!' (Stickfigure) CD 9€
Cream Abdul Babar 'Excavation 1995-1998' (Public Guilt) 2xCD 6€
Crek, Juan 'Dos Hombres Chinos ' (g3g) 3”CD 3€
Crek, Juan 'Hadas en Las ' (g3g) 3”CD 3€
Crowpath 'Son of Sulphur' (Willowtip) CD 12€
Cume Dancing 'Sued ' (self released) 7" 3€
Dammit, Toby 'Top Dollar' (Om Platten) CD 13€
DATACLAST vs EARWIGS 'split' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Death Of Marat 'All Eyes Open' (Stickfigure) CD 9€
Deep 'Deepfreezeaberdeen' (Dhyana Rec) LP 6€
Dementia 'Hardcore Dementia' (Fantagraphics) book 10€
Dentures, The '10 voice' (Megaphone) CD 8€
Dentures, The 'self titled' (Megaphone) CD 8€
Designer + Rancid Vat 'split' (Black Forest Breed) 7" 2€
Destructo Swarmbots 'the mountain' (Public Guilt) CDEP 7€
DET GAMLA LANDET 'När Skåne Slocknar EP' (A-double-A) 7" 3€
DET GAMLA LANDET 'Selftitled' (A-double-A) CD 9€
Deutsch, C. Didier 'Soundtracks' (Visible Ink) book 20€
Dial 'Distance Runner' (Cede) CD 10€
Dillinger Escape Plan 'Calculating Infinity' (Relapse) CD 12€
Dillinger Escape Plan 'Miss Machine' (Relapse) CD 12€
Dillinger Escape Plan 'Miss Machine the DVD' (Relapse) DVD 10€
Disen Gâge 'Libertâge' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Disen Gage 'the screw-loose entertainment' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Divine Horsemen 'My sin' (Shock) 7""" 3€
DJ Broken Window 'parallel universe 1' (Violent Turd) CDEP 9€
DJ Broken Window 'parallel universe 2' (Violent Turd) CDEP 9€
DJ Spooky that subliminal Kid 'Songs of a dead dreamer' (Asphodel) CD 11€
Dogon 'Who is playing in the shadow of whom?' (Wallace) CD 11€
Don Bajema 'Boy in the air' (2-13-61 Publications) book 8€
Donkey 'Bustin' nuts for big scorin'' (Guided Missile) 7""" 3€
Dorkin, Ivan 'Fun with milk & cheese ' (Slave Labor Comics) book 10€
Double U 'Absurd Fjord' (The Communion Label) LP 9€
Double U, The 'Absurd Fjord ' (The Communion Label) CD 9€
Downpour 'don't go breakin' my art' (555 recordings) 7""" 3€
Dragibus 'Dragibumix' (Uplink Records) CD 8€
Dramatics, The 'self titled' (Megaphone) CD 8€
Draminski, Jacob Hojmark 'Dreamjingles ' (g3g) CD 8€
Drone 'Drone ' (Freek) CD 7€
Drones 'Live in Madrid' (Munster) DVD 12€
Drumatic 'Reactions' (Tone Casualties) CD 8€
Drumhead 'self titled' (Perishable) CD 9€
DUFUS '1:3:1' (Roir) CD 12€
Eardrum 'Last Light remixes volume 1' (Leaf) 12""" 7€
Eat Shit Experience 'vive l’alcool' (Amanita) CDEP 8€
Eblake 'Limit' (Deluxe) CD 10€
Eglantine 'Musique rouge' (Arbouse Recordings) CD-R 6€
Eight Frozen Modules 'the abduction of barry' (Orthlorng Musork) CD 11€
Ekkehard Ehlers 'Politik Braucht Keine Feinde' (Staubgold) CD 13€
Electrelane 'the power out' (too pure) CD 8€
Electric Birds 'Panorama' (Deluxe) CD 10€
Electric Company '62-56' (Tigerbeat 6) CD 12€
Electric Company 'Greatest Hits Companion Two' (Tigerbeat 6) 12";7€
Electrosleep International 'anthology volume one' (Stickfigure) CD 9€
Elysium Monarch 'Split' (Amanita) CD 9€
Escare 'Quatre Pattes' (self released) CDEP 6€
Estradasphere 'Palace of mirrors' (End records) CD 11€
Exzoskeleton 'Exploring biology' (No Sides) CD 8€
fantastikol hole + esb 'split' (skyr) CD 7€
Fantastikol Hole 'Mathematikol oil' (Basement apes) CD 8€
Farmers Market 'Speed Balkan Boogie' (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) CD 11€
Fast Forward 'into the millenium' (Acs) CD 7€
Flaming Lips 'the fearless freaks' (shoutfactory) 2 DVD 18€
Flash Bunny+The Syncopated Elevators Electric Circus 'La Zona Franca/Siam Electric Skyline' (Audiobot) CD 8€
Flatland Magazine '#10 Alien Nation ' (Flatland) mag US 3€
Flatland Magazine '#11 Mind Control ' (Flatland) mag US 3€
Flatland Magazine '#12 Wilhelm Reich ' (Flatland) mag US 3€
Flim 'given you nothing' (Tomlab) CD 8€
Foetus 'Blow' 'Blow' (Noisolution) CD 12€
Foetus 'Male' (Atavistic) DVD 15€
Formatt + Alapuranen, Samuli 'Connections + Alpinavideo' (Abflug) CD-R 7€
Frederik Croene + Esther Venrooy 'Hout' (Roborecords) CD 8€
Friedman, Burnt + Nu dub players 'Can't cool' (Non Place) CD 7€
Fringecore '#7-the pleasure trippin' issue' (Fringecore) mag 5€
Frontier 'Suture' (Perishable) CD 9€
Fuck 'those are not my bongos' (Future Farmer) CD 9€
Fuehler 'self titled' (Amanita) CD 9€
Galaxie 'self titled' (Ubik) 7"2€
Gauge '1' (Jade Tree) CD 9€
Gawk 'XXI The world' (g3g) 7" 3€
Geisha 'mondo dell ‘orrore' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Gelsomina 'Rautavaara' (Musically Incorrect) CDR 8€
GENGHIS TRON 'Cloak Of Love ' (Crucial Blast) CDEP 6€
GENGHIS TRON 'Dead Mountain Mouth' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Get the People '' (Ruminance) CD 12€
GIANT SQUID 'Metridium Fields' (End records) CD 11€
Giant Ant Farm 'Fortune' (Vaccination Records) CD 9€
Giant Robot '#17' (Giant Robot) mag 4€
Goem 'disco' (4th Dimension) CD 10€
Goslings 'Spaceheater perfect interior' (Crucial Blast) CD 7€
Gospel 'the moon is a dead world' (Level Plane) CD 8€
GRAVITAR 'You Must First Learn To Draw The Real' (MONOTREMATA RECORDS ) CD 9€
Grey, Ian 'Sex, Stupidity & greed' (Juno Books) book 16€
Ground + lLift 'ground - lift' (divers) CD 14€
Guilty Connector + Tabata 'self titled' (Evenstilte Records) CD 11€
h.h.t.p & portablepalace 'cavitation' (monochromevision) CD 8€
H.S.O. 'H.S.Overload' (Drop Beat) 12""" 7€
Hairy Patt Band 'Buford's last Pusser ' (Choke) CD 9€
Hairy Patt Band""s/t"" '' (Choke) 7""" 3€
Haisha + Mizukiro 'split' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Happy Anger + Philou 'Year 506' (7 Piliers) CD+comic 10€
Happy Anger 'self titled' (7 Piliers) CD 9€
Havoc, James 'Butchershop in the sky' (Creation Books) book 16€
Havoc, James 'Satanskin' (Creation) book 9€
Havoc, James 'White Skull' (Creation) book 9€
Head Of Yagan '1833' (Trost) CD 7€
Headbutt 'Solvent Bassed Product' (Suggestion) CD 9€
Headpress 'issue 22 bad birds' (Headpress) book 11€
Helgoland 'Dust' (Music À La Coque) 7" 2€
Henrik Rylander 'TraditionalArrangements of Feedback' (Ideal Recordings) CD 13€
Her Number 13 'Of has twice pieces' (Little Brother) 7""" 2€
Higher Than God 'Delirio Caldo' (Sideburn) CD 10€
Him 'Sworn eyes' (Persihable) CD 9€
Hive 'Raw and Uncut' (Celestial) CD 11€
Home Bush Bay 'Funsaver' (Trost) CD 7€
Hooker, William 'Hard Time' (Squealer Music) CD 9€
Hopen 'Nailing Shadows' (Arbouse Recordings) CD-R 6€
Hotguitars + Santtu Puukka 'Hierarkia' (Karmi) CD 8€
Hotguitars 'Confessions' (BV2) CD 8€
Human Neutron Missile Squad 'Knut' (Musically Incorrect) CDR 8€
I am above the left 'An a-bomb to wake up' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
I am above the left 'self titled' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
ICARUS 'I Tweet The BirdyElectric' (Leaf) CD 11€
Ilium 'painted by numbers' (Hefty) LP 9€
INFIDEL?/CASTRO! 'Bioentropic Damage Fractal ' (Crucial Blast) 2xCD 10€
Infront 'wordless' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Irmologion 'dynatos' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Irmologion 'irmologion' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Iz 'self titled' (Infinite 7) CD 9€
James White's Flaming Demonics 'Flaming Demonics' (ZE Records) LP 9€
Jaunties, The 'Asthma' (Megaphone) CD 8€
Jaunties, The 'Myoclonic twitch…' (Megaphone) CD 8€
JFG 'Burnt Fat' (Relax-Ay-Voo) CD-R 7€
Joan Of Arc 'A portable model of' (Jade Tree) CD 9€
Joan Of Arc 'How can anything so little be anymore ' (Jade Tree) CDEP 8€
Joan Of Arc 'Live in chicago, 1999' (Jade Tree) CD 9€
Joan Of Arc 'The Gap' (Jade Tree) CD 9€
Joan Silver Pin 'Chiaroscuro' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Jumbos Killcrane 'Carnaval de carne' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Jumbos Killcrane 'The Slow Decay ' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
K-Ahba 'K-ahba' (Amanita) CD + Rom 5€
Kammerflimmer Kollektief 'Cicadidae' (Staubgold) CD 13€
Kane, Jonathan 'I looked at the sun' (Table of the Elements) CDEP 9€
Katakali 'Reflections (balkan future)' (Trottel Records) CD 7€
Katastrofialue 'tuskatakuu '94- '98' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Keatons 'the beige album' (dog fish) CD 6€
Keit 'Keit' (Keit Records) CD 9€
kevin ayers 'joy of a toy' (Water) CD 12€
Konic Thtr 'Ooze ' (g3g) CD 8€
Kourgane 'Bunker Bato Club' (Amanita) CD 9€
La Goutte 'self titled' (Relax-Ay-Voo) CD-R 7€
La Mezcla '#4' (Self Released) mag F 4€
Lack 'Blues Moderne: Danois Explosifa' (Stickfigure) CD 9€
Lanier, Chris 'Combustion' (Fantagraphics) book 9€
Laswell, Bill 'Sacred System, chapter 2 ' (Roir) CD 12€
le Garazi Philanthropik(e) Orkestra 'musiques (d’)intérieur' (Amanita) CD 10€
Lebenswelt 'Lebenswelt' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Lee Miller 'The Futility of language' (Musically Incorrect Records) CD 8€
Lehtisalo Family 'Interplay' (Ektro) CD 10€
Leukemia 'close to the headbender machine' (Trottel Records) CD 7€
Leyba, Reverend Steven Johnson 'Coyote Satan America' (Last Gasp) book 20€
Libraness 'yesterday...and tomorrow's shells' (Tiger Style) CD 9€
Lightbox Orchestra 'First Contact' (Locust) CD 11€
Linklater, Richard 'Dazed and Confused' (St Martin's Griffin) book 11€
Llorella, Jorge 'Zulo Beltza' (Zulo Beltza) book 8€
Llwybr Llaethog 'Mewn Dyb - in Dub' (Roir) CD 12€
Löbe 'Dédales' (Fbwl) CD 9€
Löbe 'Ondulation' (Fbwl) CD 9€
London, Frank 'the shvitz' (Knitting Factory) CD 8€
Loner 'self titled' (No Mi Piace Records) CD 9€
Loompanics (Éd) 'Loompanics' golden records ' (Loompanics) book 9€
Loompanics (Éd) 'Loompanics' Greatest Hits' (Loompanics) book 9€
Loompanics 'Loompanics unlimited main catalog' (Loompanics) book 7€
Macroelvis Supermassa 'XVIIII El Sol ' (g3g) 7""" 3€
Magicicada 'Everyone is everyone' (Public Guilt) CD 9€
Makoto, Kawabata + the mothers of invasion 'hot rattlesnakes' (Prophase Music) CD 14€
Malade De Souci 'MMMM-bbaa' (No Sides) CD 8€
Maple 'Rebecca believes' (Come & Clap Records) CDEP 7€
MASON JONES 'Midnight In The Twilight Factory' (MONOTREMATA RECORDS ) CD 8€
Mass 'self titled' (Paratactile) CD 10€
Matt Pond PA 'the green fury' (Polyvinyl) CD 8€
Mekons 'New York - on the road '86 - '87' (Roir) CD 12€
Mercury 4°F 'Phased' (Suggestion) LP 8€
Mercury 4°F 'Tinnitus ' (Pbb) 7""" 2€
Mice Parade 'Ramda' (Bubble Core) CD 10€
Microwaves 'Contagiion heuristic' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Miffin, Margot 'bodies of subversion' (Juno books) book 22€
miguel A. Ruiz 'grosor' (monochromevision) CD 8€
Mil Dolores Pequenos 'La Justicia' (g3g) 7""" 3€
Milemarker 'Changing Caring Humans' (Stickfigure) CD 9€
Mitchell, Dm (Éd) 'Starry Wisdom' (Creation Books) book 12€
Mo-E '9 reasons to do it' (Colorsound) CD 8€
Mo-E 'hobby boo from ouagadoogoo' (Colorsound) 10""" 8€
Moe Staiano 'the lateness of yearly presentations' (Amanita) CD 9€
Moe Staiano 'The study of first impressions' (Define Knormal Musik) CD 10€
Moe!kestra 'An inescapable siren within earshot distance...' (Amanita) CD 10€
Molecules, The 'No - Fi ' (Amanita) CD 9€
Molecules, the 'Down under the black light' (Megaphone) CD 11€
Molecules, the 'Friends' (Ra Sounds) CD+DVD 14€
Molecules, the 'Steel Toe' (Tragic Mule) CD 10€
Moller Plesset 'rather drunk than quantum' (K-Fuel Records) CD 10€
Molvaer, Nils Petter 'Khmer: the remixes' (Ecm) CDEP 5€
Monarch 'dead men tell no tales' (Crucial Blast) 2xCD 9€
Mondii 'T:P' (Hefty) CD 13€
Mondii 'T:P' (Hefty) LP 9€
Monks 'demo tapes 1965' (Munster) CD 12€
Monologue Trio 'self titled' (Amanita) 7" 3€
Mordy 'of’ fruits' (divers) CD 14€
Morsel 'EP' (Small Stone) CD EP 7€
Morsel 'Noise Floor ' (Choke) CD 9€
Morsel 'Static' (Small Stone) 2x7""" 7€
Mother Gong 'Fairy Tales' (Charly Records) LP 8€
Mou, lips! 'peanuts adn shells geometria' (List) CD 11€
Mumble + Peg 'Wondering in Volume' (Vaccination Records) CD 9€
Mux 'the second confession' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
My way my love 'it’s but one of millions of galaxies in your universe' (Trost) CD 9€
Nad Spiro’s 'Fightclubbing' (Mess age) CD 8€
National Heroes 'Once Around the sun' (Freek) CD 7€
Negativland 'Helter Stupid' (Seeland) CD 10€
Nid 'False Memory Syndrome #6' (Amanita) CD-R 7€
Nightingales 'Out of true' (Iron Man) CD 10€
Nightingales 'Pigs On Purpose' (Cherry Red) CD 13€
No Tomorrow Charlie + Twerdocleb 'split' (Pitsbull ) 2x7" 2€
No Tomorrow Charlie 'God's Muzak ' (Pitsbull ) 7""" 2€
Noise Maker's Five 'Zona Incerta' (Drone Records) 10" 8€
Now 'Selftitled' (A-double-A) CD 9€
Oakes, John 'In the realms of the unreal' (4 Walls 8 Windows) book 11€
Octopus '#10' (Hyacinth) mag + CD 4€
Octopus '#11' (Hyacinth) mag+CD 4€
Octopus '#12' (Hyacinth) mag+CD 4€
Octopus '#8' (Hyacinth) mag F 4€
Octopus Inc 'Fluid Freedom' (Kracfive Records) CD 9€
Octopus Inc 'Mere things & mindless creatures' (Kracfive Records) CD 9€
Octopus 'n° 13' (Hyacinth) mag+CD 5€
Origami Arktika 'Fantomlust' (Ignis Project) CD 11€
Origami Galaktika 'Eesti Libbed Silm...' (Suggestion/Spee) 2xLP 11€
Orthrelm + Behold the Arctopus 'Behold the Arctopus + Orthrelm' (Crucial Blast) CDEP 9€
Ostinato 'die Liebe' (Disco Bruit) 12""" 6€
Ostinato 'Kap Arkona' (Disco Bruit) CD 9€
Pak '100% human hair' (Ra Sounds) CD 10€
Pak 'Motel' (Ra Sounds) CD 10€
Patton 'Love Boat' (Prohibited Records) CD EP 8€
Peace Warriors '#10' (Self Released) mag F 3€
Peace Warriors '#12' (Self Released) mag F 3€
Peace Warriors '#13' (Self Released) mag F 3€
Peace Warriors '#9' (Self Released) mag F 3€
Peggy Honeywell 'honey for dinner' (Galaxia) CD 8€
Perplexa 'self titled' (Small Stone) CD 9€
Perplexa 'This glorious forward' (Small Stone) CD 9€
Pest 'Quinolone' (Trost) CD 7€
Peter Plane 'Boiled ice ' (Amanita) 3”CD 2€
Peter Plane 'Burlesque monde' (Fbwl) CD 9€
Phase Selector Sound 'Disassemble Dub' (Roir) CD 12€
Pillow 'Three Henries' (Explain) CD 11€
Pleasant Livers, The 'In the land of pleasant living' (Megaphone) CD 8€
Pneumatic Head Compressor 'the perfect human conflict' (M4m) CD 9€
Pop Smear '#19' (Self Released) mag US 3€
Portrait 'Complete Discography' (Stickfigure) CD 9€
Preed 'intro' (Kitty Yo) 12""" 6€
Prohibition '14 ups and downs' (Prohibited Records) CD 10€
Propeller 'Oro' (Scratch) CD 11€
Psychic Paramount, the 'Live 2002 the franco-italien tour' (Public Guilt) CD 9€
Raeo 'Body Loops' (Amanita) CD 9€
Raeo 'Words are Worms' (Amanita) 7""" 3€
rafael flores 'Nubes, cometas, rumores y orugas' (monochromevision) CD 8€
rainbow of death 'rainbow of death' (solitude) 10" 7€
Rake 'Intelligence agent # 2003' (Squealer Music) CD 9€
Raxinasky 'The Anti-apopathodiaphulatophobicoustical Days' (Amanita) CD 8€
Raxinasky 'transport de viandes' (Amanita) CD 9€
Recordings, The 'The recordings ' (Megaphone) CD 8€
Recusant 'discography 93-96' (Atrazine) CD 8€
Religious Overdose 'Flatus Flow Rate ' (Amanita) CD 8€
Rhythm Collisiion 'Now' (Dr Strange) CD 6€
ROLLINS BAND 'Weighting' (2.13.61) CD 11€
Rollins, Henri 'The First Five ' (2-13-61 Publications) book 12€
Rollins, Henry 'Eye Scream' (2-13-61 Publications) book 10€
Rollins, Henry 'See a grown man cry' (2-13-61 Publications) book 10€
RonRuins 'Big Shoes' (Magaibutsu) CD 10€
Roy S vs Julia P 'self titled' (Wot nxt) 10” 5€
Russian Vitamines + Eddie Edwards 'split' (Musically Incorrect) CDR 8€
S@l/T.Einfeldt ' ' (List) CD+Rom 8€
Safety Scissors + Languis 'split 10 n°3' (Plug Research) 10""" 6€
Sagan 'Unseen Forces' (Vague Terrain) CD+DVD 14€
Salmon 'Rock Formations' (Bang!) CD 9€
SAMUS 'Desengano' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Scarnella 'self titled' (Smells Like Records) CD 11€
Schams 'Erres' (Shamballa ) CD 8€
Schneider Tm + Alc Levora ' ' (Arbouse Recordings) CDEP 6€
Scholder, Amy (Ed) 'High Risk, vol1' (Plume) book 9€
Scholder, Amy (Ed) 'High Risk, vol2' (Plume) book 9€
Schwermut Forest 'Pilot' (Kollaps) LP 7€
Schwermut Forest 'Sort of' (Kitty Yo) CD 9€
Schwermut Forest 'Sort of' (Kollaps) LP 7€
Scott, Jock + Sager, Gareth 'The Caledonia blues' (Inuada) CD+DVD 14€
Screem '#7 ' (Self Released) mag US 3€
Seven that Spells 'It came from the planet of love' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Seven that spells 'My Mommy wants to kiss your mamma' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Sheeloves 'Year of the monkey' (Colorsound) CD 8€
Shell of Certainty 'self titled' (Visionlogic) CD 7€
Shrug ' ' (Guided Missile) 7""" 3€
Shunatao + Noël Akchoté-Anna Luif 'Autoretrat + The Story of Ball Paul ' (Amanita) CD 9€
Shunatao 'Amour' (Amanita) CD 10€
Shunatao 'Highway to hell' (Amanita) CD 9€
Shunatao 'tribute to Shunatao' (Amanita) CD 9€
Sierra, Victor 'Khamsin' ' (g3g) CD 8€
Signer 'Low Light Dreams' (Carpark) 2xLP 12€
Skullflower '3rd Gatekeeper' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Skullflower 'Orange Canyon mind' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Skullflower 'Tribulation' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Sleepytime gorilla museum 'Grand opening and closing' (End records) CD 11€
Slogan 'Nincs' (Trottel Records) CD 7€
Slumlords 'verb twenty' (Kollaps) Mini LP 7€
Smith, Wadada Leo + Harum Ismith 'Condor' (Wobbly Rail) CD 13€
Snakkerdu Densk 'Die schönheit der welt, teil 1' (Trost) LP 7€
Snakkerdu Densk 'Nem' (Trost) CD 7€
Soft Machine 'grides' (Cunaiform) CD+DVD 17€
Soft Machine 'Virtually' (Cunaiform) CD 14€
Sorvisto, Glenn 'False Memory Syndrome #7: & friends' (Amanita) CD-R 7€
Souvenir’s young America 'an ocean without water' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Spatula 'Despina By Land' (Squealer Music) CD 9€
Spatula 'Under the veil of health' (Squealer Music) CD 9€
Spear 'Sapphire Flower' (Ignis Project) CD+CD-R 13€
Spickle 'the right to remain silent' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Spitting Image, The '#2 Hallucinations. ' (Self Released) mag US 3€
Splintered 'Noumena' (Amanita) CD 9€
Stalwart 'Torment Nonplus' (BV2) CD 8€
Starvations 'Gravity's a bitch' (GSL) CD 8€
Stelling, Jos 'L'aiguilleur' (E.D. Distribution) Video 10€
Stelling, Jos 'L'illusionniste' (E.D. Distribution) Video 10€
Stevenson, Jack 'Addicted' (Creation Books) book 14€
Stewart, Mark 'Data Control' (Mute) CD 12€
Still 'Remains' (Public Guilt) CD 9€
Stillupsteypa 'The Immediate Past Is Of No Interest To Me - 10 Years Of Continuous pointless activities' (Bottrop-Boy) CD 14€
Stone, Carl 'Nak Won' (Sonore) CD 11€
Stooges 'the weirdness' (Virgin) CD 9€
Stylus 'Pedwar' (4th Dimension) CD 9€
sub-genius 'the book of the sub genius' (sub genius foundation) book 10€
Suchilin + Turko 'Tenues sine corpore vitae' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Suchilin, Andrei 'iki' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Suchilin, Andrei 'Quasiland' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Summum Bonum 'David Johnson ' (Freek) CD 7€
Sun 'self titled' (Staubgold) 2CD 15€
Super Esp 'self titled' (Hefty) CDEP 7€
" Surrogat 'Hobby' (Kitty Yo) 12""" 7€
Surrogat 'Hobby' (Kitty Yo) CD EP 7€
Surrogat 'soul (feat mmm)' (Kitty Yo) CD 9€
Suzukiton 'Servie Repair Handbok' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Systemwide 'Osmani Stepper' (Bsi Records) CDEP 8€
Tadema, Alma + Scorpio, Jps 'Dark' (g3g) CD 8€
Tekken, Moon, Shallnotkill, fantastikol hole 'split' (213) CD 6€
Terror at the opera 'snake bird blue' (No sides) CD 8€
Test Department 'the unacceptable face of freedom' (Ministry of Power) CD 13€
Tgm 'You decide' (Combination Records) CD 10€
The Infusion 'Red Horse' (Ra Sounds) CD 8€
The Invisible Frog 'Space makes noise' (Amanita) CD 9€
The Loop Orchestra 'Not Overtly Orchestral' (Quecksilber) CD 13€
THE MASS 'City Of Dis' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
The Mass 'Perfect picture' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
The Party of Hellicopters 'Abracadaver' (Stickfigure) CD 9€
Theme 'On parallel shores removed' (4th Dimension) CD 10€
This side of Jordan 'Set the record straight' (self released) CD 9€
Tied + Tickled Trio 'EA1 EA2' (Morr Music) CD 13€
Tinsel 'Stitches of light' (self released) CDR 9€
Tinsel 'the lead shoes' (Broken Face) CD 10€
To Rococo Rot 'Kölner Brett' (Staubgold) CD 12€
Tokion 'Issue #8' (Self Released) mag US 3€
" Tone Rec vs Scanner 'self titled' (Sub Rosa) 12""" 8€
Torres, Edwin 'Novo' (Ooze Bap) CD 9€
Toss 'Titles of the greatness' ((K-Raa-K)3) CD 9€
Totimoshi 'Ladron' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Totimoshi 'Mysterioso' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Towards 2012 'Part 4: Pagansim - part 5: apocalypse' (Slab-O-Concrete) book 10€
Trajectories 'Lost world' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Trees 'Lights Bane' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Trephine 'self titled' (Public Guilt) CD 9€
Trickbeat 'Musik wird überflüssig - the Freemixes' (Human Wreckords) CDR 5€
Tricolor 'Mirth & Feckless' (Atavistic) CD 10€
Trottel 'The same story goes on' (Trottel Records) CD 7€
Trottel 'The same story goes on' (Trottel Records) LP 7€
Trottel 'Troxx-Tracks' (Amanita) CD 9€
Trottel 'Your sincere innocence' (Trottel Records) CD EP 5€
T-Shirt 'Police' (Ak Press) T-Shirt 8€
TV Pow 'Powerful Friends And Devoted Lovers' (Bottrop-Boy) 2xCD 15€
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System 'Dub Voyage' (M Records) CD 11€
Tzarina Q Cut 'Bees on Hali ' (g3g) LP 7€
Ü blichen Verdächtigen, Die 'Kopfüber' (Trost) CD 7€
Un Caddie Renversé dans l’Herbe 'some menu songs' (Ooze Bap) CD 9€
Unfit Association 'Pulse' (Trottel Records) CD 7€
Unholy Grave 'kill'em all for one' (Crucial Blast) 7" 9€
US Christmas 'Salt the wound' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
va 'DOOM CAPITAL: Maryland/DC Doom Rock Underground' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Vale (ed) 'Real Conversations' (RE/Search) book 11€
Valmara 'selftitled' (on the moon reccords) CDEP 5€
Various 'Acid fake n°1' (Acid Fake Recordings) CD-R 7€
Various 'Acid fake n°2' (Acid Fake Recordings) CD-R 7€
Various 'Ah quelle belle journée ' (Amanita) CD 9€
Various 'American Breakbeat - Electronic Music from USA & Canada' (Klangkrieg) CD 11€
Various 'Audiolab' (Lucky Kitchen) 2xCD 14€
Various 'Below the Radar' (Roir) CD 5€
Various 'Bip Hop generation vol 2' (Bip Hop) CD 9€
Various 'Bip Hop generation vol 3' (Bip Hop) CD 9€
Various 'Bottom of the world' (Fisheye) 7""" 3€
Various 'Bucolique vol 1' (Arbouse Recordings) CD 6€
various 'cease to exist' (Creation) book 6€
Various 'compilation 2' (DFA) 3CD 20€
various 'cosmonaute' (Anorack) CD 5€
Various 'Discotheque Bruitisme' (Erneuter Prozess) CD 10€
Various 'Docking Sequence' (Bsi Records) CD 10€
Various 'Does time affect memory?' (Amanita) 2xCD 9€
Various 'Dur d'oreilles' (Amanita) LP 3€
various 'eccentrics, issue 2' (tenzenmen) CD 8€
Various 'Einigen wir uns auf die Zukunft' (Kitty Yo) 2xLP 9€
Various 'Electric Ladyland - The Clickhop Version 1.0' (Mille Plateaux) 2xCD 15€
Various 'En chair et en os' (Amanita) LP 3€
Various 'Fat Butt without love' (Fbwl) CD 9€
Various 'Fat Butt without love, vol 2' (Fbwl) CD 9€
Various 'Fat Butt without love, vol 3' (Fbwl) CD 9€
Various 'Five Years of Fury' (Noise Product) CD 7€
Various 'Fuck that weak shit vol4 ' (Pitsbull) 7""" 2€
Various 'Funicuscratch' (Relax-Ay-Voo) CD-R 7€
Various 'Garten der verschlungenen pfade: jahr 01' (Pfad) CD 7€
Various 'Genetic Mutations, vol1' (Dmgh) CD 6€
Various 'Gonerfest2' (Goner records) CD+DVD 11€
Various 'Good Music' (Jazzassin) CD 12€
Various 'Killer Komix ' (Critical Vision) book 9€
Various 'Knormalities V.2' (Amanita) 7""" 3€
Various 'Komfort.Labor presents Native Lab' (Wmf Records) CD 9€
Various 'Le complot ultra frêle' (C.U.F.) CD 8€
various 'Membranaphonics' (Monitor Records) CD 12€
Various 'MMMZZZ' (Ooze Bap) CD 9€
Various 'Monikas Himmelfahrt - Monika's Ascension' (Monika Enterprises) DVD 15€
Various 'Museum' (Mer) CD 8€
Various 'Music makes a quiet mind' (Musically Incorrect) CDR 8€
Various 'Naked And Alone On The Celebrity Circuit' (Diskono) CD 8€
Various 'Nonplace Souvenirs' (Ooze Bap) CD 9€
Various 'Penguin Mechanics Vol 3' (Kracfive Records) CD 9€
Various 'Picardie-rock vol1' (Walked in Line) CD 5€
Various 'Plaies' (Amanita) LP 3€
Various 'Potophones' (Idoia) CD 8€
Various 'Recycling buzz' (Amanita) CD+Rom 9€
Various 'Relapse Recollection 2' (Relapse) DVD 12€
various 'Release the Bats' (3 one G) CD 11€
Various 'Riche en fruits' (Amanita) CD 6€
Various 'Safe as Milk Festival 2002 sampler' (Safe as Milk) CD 9€
Various 'Selflow comp (earouvres)' (Ooze Bap) CD 9€
Various 'State of the art heirloom' (Töshöklabs) CD 9€
Various 'Staubgold' (Staubgold) CD 7€
Various 'Tachan' (Nosordo) CD 10€
various 'tempo, technik teamwork' (Staubgold) 2xCD 12€
various 'the creation press sampler' (Creation Press) book 6€
Various 'The Knights who say Dot' (Dot) CD 9€
Various 'They Walked in Line' (Walked in Line) CD 5€
Various 'time out' (Knitting Factory) CD 7€
Various 'Tinker Compilation' (Tinker Recordings) CD 9€
Various 'Trying to make to the end of the century ' (g3g) LP 7€
Various 'Turquoise complilation' (Nova Express) CD 5€
Various 'Underwood 3' (Sub Rosa) CD 7€
various 'untitled' (Public Guilt) 3CD 11€
Various 'Vaccination Sampler 3: Rawk Party' (Vaccination Records) CD 5€
Various 'Vedic presents Rhythmic intelligence' (Sub Rosa) CD 9€
Various 'Versatility' (Evil Teen) CD 8€
Various 'Volun' (monocromatica) CD 8€
Various 'Wanna buy a Craprak?' (Carpark) CD 6€
Various 'We Reach' (Fractured Transmitter) CD 11€
Various 'Wild state of noise & disorder' (Pandemonium) CD 9€
Vaselari, Rolf 'The judas jesus' (black sheep press) book 6€
Vasquez, Jhonen 'Squee's wonderful big giant book of unspeakable horrors' (Slave Labor Comics) book 15€
Verde 'Vuoronumero' (BV2) CD 10€
Vert 'The Köln Konzert' (Sonig) CD 9€
Victor Sierra 'XX Jugement' (g3g) 7" 3€
Vida De Moro 'Documentos sonoros 1' (g3g) CD 8€
Village of Savoonga 'Score' (Communion) CD 9€
Vivacide 'Permanent remix series vol.1' (Human Wreckords) CDR 3€
Volume 'Stampone' (Choke) CD 9€
Voodoo Muzak 'Brouillarta' (Amanita) CD 5€
Voodoo Muzak 'Cartilage' (Amanita) CD 5€
Voodoo Muzak 'Heart - warming splinters ' (Amanita) 3x7"  7€
Voodoo Muzak 'Hirnschrei' (Amanita) 7" 2€
Voodoo Muzak 'Mambient' (Amanita) CD 7€
WEEDEATER '16 tons' (Crucial Blast) CD 9€
Weird Moves 'self titled' (Prohibited Records) 7""" 3€
Welter Quartet ' ' (Relax-Ay-Voo) CD-R 7€
Welter Quartet 'Ring Ring' (Amanita) CD 9€
West Coast Modern Day Punk Rock Orchestra 'Correspondance' (Little Brother) 7""" 3€
Whitechapel, Simon 'Intense Device' (Critical Vision) book 8€
Whitechapel, Simon 'The Slaughter King' (Bad Blood) book 9€
Willem 'Eliminations' (Les Requins Marteaux) book 8€
Willie Nelson 'Always on my mind' (Golden Stars) 3CD 11€
Willowz, the 'talk in circles' (SFTRI) CD 6€
Wilson, Rick 'Suitable Language' (Third Force) CD 9€
Womba 'Evidence of Letta' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Womba 'the 27th baku comissar' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
Won James Won 'Theorist's attack' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
won James won 'Tol's Toy' (R.A.I.G.) CD 9€
X rated X 'Ab imo pectore' (Pandemonium) CD 9€
xynobite 'things go better with coke' (Wot nxt) 10” 5€
Year of No Light 'nord' (Crucial Blast) CD 7€
Yellowman 'Negril Chill Challenge' (Roir) CD 7€
Yield 7 'Vapourlock' (Trost) CD 2€
Yo-Ji-Gen 'Tchéqui' (Popov Island) CD-R 6€
Your Flesh 'various old #' (Fantagraphics) mag US 2€
Yummy Fur 'Kodak Nancy Europe' (Guided Missile) 7" 3€
Zac 'self titled' (Harold) 7" 2€
Zedd, Nick 'Totem of the Depraved' (2-13-61 Publications) book 8€
Zu 'Igneo' (Amanita) CD 7€
Zuno Men 'People' (self released) CD 3€